Definition of penitently in English:



See penitent

‘This only happens when we come penitently to embrace Jesus Christ as our only hope.’
  • ‘‘I must change my vote,’ he announced, penitently.’
  • ‘The mother, usually veiled, carried the candle blessed at Candlemas and waited penitently for the priest at the vestibule of the church with her husband and female companions.’
  • ‘Keeping her head penitently bowed, Allie murmured silent good byes to all she could remember in the heat, while tears dared to brink her dark lashes.’
  • ‘It took him only a few seconds to strangle his mirth once more, and he wiped tears from his eyes while he shook his head as penitently as the low ceiling allowed.’



/ˈpenəd(ə)ntlē/ /ˈpɛnəd(ə)ntli/ /ˈpenətntlē/ /ˈpɛnətntli/