Definition of penman in English:


nounplural noun penmen

  • 1mainly historical A person who was skilled or professionally engaged in writing by hand, typically, as a clerk, on behalf of others.

    • ‘In painting he is a master of nuance, but as a penman he tends to the workmanlike.’
    clerk, secretary, copyist, transcriber, amanuensis, recorder, record keeper
    1. 1.1An author.
      ‘The reading they seek is not that of the Divine Author but of the penman.’
      • ‘While the bloggers and muckrakers sweat it out in every nook and corner with a wireless signal, the well-paid penmen are in luxury suites tapping their manicured fingers in front of twenty-inch flat screens.’
      • ‘I'm one penman in their stable of travel writers - tell the good readers where to spend their vacation time.’
      writer, man of letters, woman of letters, wordsmith



/ˈpenˌman/ /ˈpɛnˌmæn/