Definition of pennate in English:



  • (of a diatom) bilaterally symmetrical.

    Compare with centric

    ‘The major source of the spring diatom pulse was Skeletonema potamos and a variety of centric and pennate diatoms.’
    • ‘Diatoms are photosynthetic protists, which are classified into centric and pennate diatoms, according to whether they have a radial or bilateral symmetry.’
    • ‘Both articulated and broken pennate diatoms, up to 12 m long and 4 m wide, are scattered throughout the stromatolitic sinters.’
    • ‘Tissue-level concentrations of hydrophilic and lipophilic extracts caused high levels of mortality in a sympatric pennate diatom.’
    • ‘At the shallow south end of the lake, most of the samples were relatively similar, dominated by pennate forms.’



/ˈpenˌāt/ /ˈpɛnˌeɪt/


Early 18th century (in the sense ‘pinnate’, of a leaf): from Latin pennatus ‘feathered, winged’, from penna ‘feather’.