Definition of penny stock in English:

penny stock


North American
  • A common stock valued at less than one dollar, and therefore highly speculative.

    as modifier ‘penny-stock promoters’
    • ‘You can be a small cap without being a penny stock.’
    • ‘At 2 cent and market cap of €200,000, it's the classic penny stock.’
    • ‘Some investors, however, said they are disappointed that the panel's report does not deal with the matter of compensation to their penny stock losses.’
    • ‘Just as the discoveries of significant uranium deposits triggered frantic mining activity and phenomenal population growth in the region, it likewise set off a penny stock boom in Salt Lake City, Utah.’
    • ‘Why would it commit so much to an untested product by a penny stock with no track record?’
    • ‘The Glasgow telecoms company is now a penny stock and its shares languish around the 11p mark, well off their year high of 55.5p and a shadow of their value two years ago when shares were over £8.’
    • ‘As this was the first level of resistance, technicians waited to see whether or not investors were ready to come back into the arena of a somewhat risky penny stock.’
    • ‘Most securities that trade this way are penny stocks or are from very small companies.’
    • ‘It can be very damaging to an investment club's atmosphere when some members want to invest club funds in high-risk penny stocks while others gravitate towards blue chips.’
    • ‘The penny stocks volume is now greater than in 1999.’