Definition of pensioner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpenSH(ə)nər/ /ˈpɛnʃ(ə)nər/


  • A person who receives a pension.

    • ‘As pensioners on fixed incomes, we were amazed at the sum involved and would like to warn others to be wary.’
    • ‘People on fixed incomes and pensioners simply cannot afford rises of triple the cost of living.’
    • ‘How are pensioners on fixed incomes meant to cope with an ever increasing Council Tax?’
    • ‘Many pensioners live on a low, fixed income and struggle to pay their rising council tax bills.’
    • ‘The pensioners even received an eviction notice through the post on Christmas Eve.’
    • ‘While the teenager was in his cell, he made a card to say sorry but the pensioner never received it.’
    • ‘An annuity, whereby the pensioner buys an income with a lump sum, can vary as well.’
    • ‘The concept of the workers of today paying for the pensioners of yesterday no longer holds true.’
    • ‘This annuity guarantees pensioners a regular income for the rest of their lives.’
    • ‘This means that pensioners ' incomes will rise more slowly than they have in the past.’
    • ‘Three and a half million pensioners are cutting back on their spending to pay the bills.’
    • ‘Many of the appeals are deserving but, being a pensioner on a limited income hard choices have to be made.’
    • ‘There were old age pensioners taking advantage of the special rate, and some kids.’
    • ‘An army of old age pensioners demanded an end to spiralling council tax on Friday.’
    • ‘In fact the biggest winners will be wealthy pensioners at the expense of people on low incomes.’
    • ‘They do want to help pensioners, but they want pensioners to depend on them for that help.’
    • ‘Where do they think pensioners and people on low incomes can keep finding this money every year?’
    • ‘Also, many of the people using this facility are pensioners, or people on low incomes.’
    • ‘The group is warning that this could cause hardship for pensioners and those on low incomes.’
    • ‘An action group for the pensioners is contacting as many members of the fund as possible.’
    retired person, old-age pensioner, OAP, senior citizen
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/ˈpenSH(ə)nər/ /ˈpɛnʃ(ə)nər/