Definition of pentlandite in English:



  • A bronze-yellow mineral which consists of a sulfide of iron and nickel and is the principal ore of nickel.

    ‘Some older analyses show the presence of small amounts of NJ, Co, and Cu, but these are almost invariably found to reflect the presence of tiny exsolved grains of such minerals as chalcopyrite and pentlandite.’
    • ‘Preliminary assessment suggests the mineralogy is mainly pentlandite + pyrrhotite.’
    • ‘The most common ores of nickel are pentlandite, pyrrhotite, and garnierite.’
    • ‘Sulphide mineralization in these deposits tends to be disseminated throughout the body and is dominated by pyrrhotite and pentlandite phases.’
    • ‘Nickel sulphide ores containing pentlandite, pyrrhotite and talc have traditionally been treated by bulk sulphide flotation, an approach which seeks to maximise nickel recovery and talc rejection but which does not reject pyrrhotite.’



/ˈpen(t)lənˌdīt/ /ˈpɛn(t)lənˌdaɪt/


Mid 19th century from the name of Joseph B. Pentland (1797–1873), Irish traveler, + -ite.