Definition of people power in English:

people power


mass noun
  • Political pressure exercised through the public demonstration of popular opinion.

    ‘‘People power has forced the government into a complete surrender,’ said the TUC's general secretary’
    • ‘He said getting radiotherapy for Waterford Regional Hospital was very much a victory for people power.’
    • ‘The many sponsors who supported the venture recognise the whole concept of 'people power', said Michael.’
    • ‘The organisers ask each motorist to take responsibility for initiating change in the system by showing 'people power' on Saturday.’
    • ‘People power involves taking responsibility for your own actions.’
    • ‘The influence of a few backroom folks in the party apparatus has taken the people power away from it.’
    • ‘He claimed that the only real way to free the refugees was through people power.’
    • ‘This is where our strength is, where people power counters the money power.’
    • ‘In the everyday scheme of things this 'people power' goes unnoticed.’
    • ‘The book details how people power made it all happen.’
    • ‘He also agreed that people power has played an important role in the salmon debate.’
    • ‘They are angry, she thinks, and eventually they will channel their anger into "people power".’
    • ‘A week or so ago, though, it looked like people power would not be enough to get the site dropped.’
    • ‘"We said no to both the state and federal governments and we won through people power," John said.’
    • ‘He has done it by harnessing people power - through street marches, plebiscites, and a civilian militia.’
    • ‘Hurray for people power, and for democracy!’
    • ‘He said change could happen if there was "real people power" but was quick to add that he was not inciting a riot because he did not want to be jailed.’
    • ‘Though smaller than earlier protests, which brought 100,000 people on to the streets, it is still tempting to view the turmoil as a welcome manifestation of "people power".’
    • ‘In the end, it's people power that will change the image of tourism and transform it from a scary experience to a singular one.’
    • ‘It may sound like a pipe dream, like clutching at straws, but people power is the only real hope, she believes, for her overburdened country which long ago faded from the international limelight.’
    • ‘The only thing we have going for us is sheer people power.’