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pep pill

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  • A pill containing a stimulant drug.

    • ‘But with the worst of the digital conversion issue behind us, some predict the coming of the New Year will serve as a pep pill for a capital-spending bonanza, especially in technology infrastructure.’
    • ‘While waiting patiently for a meaningful explanation to this mystery, I was amused by this headline on one email I received selling some form of pep pill.’
    • ‘The top shelf of clubhouse lockers were seen to contain alleged bottles of vitamins or what were then called pep pills, stimulants that helped a player perform at a high level.’
    • ‘Previous generations of doctors happily prescribed the tranquilizers and pep pills - the Mother's Little Helpers - that brought many women into what they defined as active addiction.’
    • ‘You can satisfy your caffeine jones with tea, cocoa, chocolate, some soft drinks, energy bars, and pep pills - but coffee is quicker by far.’
    tonic, restorative, reviver, energizer, refresher


pep pill

/ˈpep ˌpil/ /ˈpɛp ˌpɪl/