Definition of peptic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpeptik/ /ˈpɛptɪk/

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  • Relating to digestion, especially that in which pepsin is concerned.

    ‘peptic activity’
    • ‘Helicobacter pylori is believed to be a major causative agent of human peptic disorders including chronic gastritis and ulcers.’
    • ‘In the rabbits given human gastric juice, peptic activity was detected in the lavage fluid in 8 of 8 animals at 15 minutes, 6 of 8 at 30 minutes, and 5 of 8 at 60 minutes.’
    • ‘However, studies have not found a link between alcohol consumption and peptic ulcers, and drinking decaffeinated coffee produces the same amount of acid secretion as its caffeinated counterpart.’
    • ‘Absence of blood rules against peptic disease.’
    • ‘They are also at risk for peptic strictures, which may obstruct the esophagus and result in dysphagia.’


Mid 17th century from Greek peptikos ‘able to digest’.