Definition of percent in English:


(British per cent)

Pronunciation /pərˈsent/ /pərˈsɛnt/

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  • By a specified amount in or for every hundred.

    ‘new car sales may be down nineteen percent’
    • ‘staff rejected a 1.8 percent increase’
    • ‘If we are one hundred percent convinced of our case then a little dishonesty to iron out the odd inconsistency hardly seems wrong.’
    • ‘There are few if any behavioral characteristics in humans that are one hundred percent genetic.’
    • ‘However, my experience of camp food is one hundred percent favourable.’
    • ‘Children whose diets were supplemented with milk rather than meat saw a 40 percent greater increase.’
    • ‘The union has cut its wage demand by more than half, seeking a 2.5 percent yearly increase.’
    • ‘What is felt towards you is ten percent genuine disagreement and ninety per cent envy.’
    • ‘The Government is saying that the best it can ever expect is 3.9 percent economic growth.’
    • ‘You can't win in this world unless you are 100 percent flexible, and none of us are that.’
    • ‘It has opened the door for 74 percent foreign direct investment in the telecom sector.’
    • ‘Too often we find ourselves judging people when we are far from 100 percent a saint.’
    • ‘They say they are being paid nine percent less than their public hospital counterparts.’
    • ‘To put that in perspective, the district is twenty percent larger than the State of Massachusetts.’
    • ‘I thought about it for a few days and you know what, I think it's 100 percent the right thing to do.’
    • ‘We lived in an area that was 99 percent Jewish, with immigrants from Russia and Poland.’
    • ‘When the needle was rotated back and forth, the pullout force was 53 percent greater.’
    • ‘To get the cash we have to carry and sort a daily load which is 50 percent greater than before.’
    • ‘If anyone out there can explain to me how hair can be sixty percent shinier, please let me know.’
    • ‘We know this virus is 100 percent preventable, so why is the number of new cases on the rise?’
    • ‘In less than two years water bills in England had rocketed to 70 percent higher than anywhere else.’
    • ‘The cost of meat in the stores is at least 2 percent higher than it was last year.’


  • 1One part in every hundred.

    ‘a reduction of half a percent or so in price’
    • ‘Well, you're one of the, probably, half of a percent of people who would actually do that.’
    • ‘According to the report, these prices fell by half a percent in October.’
    • ‘To put that in perspective, we humans have been around for half a percent of that.’
    • ‘Email marketing has low response rates, typically less than half a percent, but is very, very cheap.’
    • ‘Only one half to one percent of the fruit Finn planted a few years ago will make it past this point.’
    • ‘Florida law calls for a recount if the difference between candidates is less than half of one percent.’
    • ‘Twenty-one percent of renters paid more than half of their incomes for rent in 1981.’
    • ‘Sixty eight per cent of respondents used some form of electronic article surveillance in at least some of their stores.’
    • ‘Only five per cent of respondents consider that vendors were open about the true costs associated with their products.’
    • ‘One hundred percent of the respondents voted for the latter.’
    • ‘Seventy five per cent of all patients waiting for non-emergency surgery were admitted within three months for their treatment.’
    • ‘Only one per cent said they had been bullied because of their ethnic origin.’
    • ‘Sixty six per cent said that they thought a canal through the town centre was a good idea.’
    • ‘Thirty six percent of the vote to run the country cannot be right.’
    • ‘Fifty nine per cent of the patients were positive for cocaine.’
    • ‘But the total bill increase ranges from 15.1 per cent to 16.2 per cent.’
    • ‘One-third got advice from friends and only seven per cent said teachers provided appropriate information.’
    • ‘Seventy nine per cent of patients with isolated long bone fractures received analgesia, which is consistent with a previous report.’
    • ‘Sales for the past few years have only poked along, growing just a few percent per year since 1997.’
    • ‘Eleven and a half percent of the participants had no educational qualifications.’
    1. 1.1The rate, number, or amount in each hundred; percentage.
      ‘the percent of drug users who are infected’
      • ‘They speak of the reciprocal of the payback period as a percent per year rate of return.’
      • ‘The second compatibility problem is a slow boot issue and we believe it is a small percent of users that have experienced this.’
      • ‘Some of the leases are based on a dollar amount per square foot and some on percent of income.’


Both spellings, percent and per cent, are acceptable, but consistency should be maintained. Percent is more common in US usage; per cent is more common in British usage


Mid 16th century from per+ cent, perhaps an abbreviation of pseudo-Latin per centum.