Definition of perceptron in English:



  • A computer model or computerized machine devised to represent or simulate the ability of the brain to recognize and discriminate.

    • ‘A microcalcification detector is provided wherein individual detections are rank ordered and classified, and one of the features for classification is derived using a multilayer perceptron.’
    • ‘Although the one-layer perceptron applied only to elementary computations, it provided the foundation for today's multi-layered perceptrons that are capable of learning through processes such as backpropagation.’
    • ‘This suggests to me that although representations of stimuli may be generated, the perceptron would not be able to associate them with each other.’
    • ‘The single-layer perceptron can be used with multi-value input and output in addition to binary data.’
    • ‘In this study, a multilayer perceptron network consisting of an input layer, an output layer and one hidden layer was used.’