Definition of perchloric acid in English:

perchloric acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A fuming toxic liquid with powerful oxidizing properties.

    Chemical formula: HClO₄

    • ‘The term superacids was introduced into the chemical literature in 1927 by James Conant and Norris Hall to describe solutions of sulfuric or perchloric acid in glacial acetic acid.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, hydrogen ions are produced, which react with the perchlorate ions making perchloric acid.’
    • ‘The concentrations of the phospholipids were determined by phosphate assay subsequent to total digestion by perchloric acid.’
    • ‘Flint is over 99% silica, which is broken down and removed with hydrofluoric acid, followed by dissolution of the remaining elements in perchloric acid.’
    • ‘We used perchloric acid because we found it much more effective at dissolving fluoride residues than either hydrochloric or nitric acid.’


perchloric acid