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percussion cap

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  • A small amount of explosive powder contained in metal or paper and exploded by striking. Percussion caps are used chiefly in toy guns and formerly in some firearms.

    ‘With the introduction of the percussion cap in 1822, and the conical Mini rifle-bullet in 1849, the infantry attack column was doomed, as the Russians found out to their cost in the Crimean war.’
    • ‘The first handgun appeared with a wrought iron forged barrel in the 15th century, then came the matchlock in the 15th century, the wheel-lock and flintlock in the 16th century, and the percussion cap arriving early in the 19th century.’
    • ‘The trigger detonates a pre-loaded percussion cap which both blasts the projectile out the front of the launcher and ignites the rocket.’
    • ‘In 1915 a Belgian company designed a grenade which contained a spring-loaded striker, percussion cap, fuse and detonator.’
    • ‘The hammer fell, hitting the percussion cap at the base of the cartridge: the cordite charge ignited, accelerating the bullet to over 600 meters a second (something I remembered from my school days).’


percussion cap

/pərˈkəSHən kap/ /pərˈkəʃən kæp/