Definition of perdurable in English:



  • Enduring continuously; imperishable.

    ‘a composer creates a perdurable aesthetic object’
    • ‘a perdurable stereotype’
    • ‘In his afterward, he describes the importance of addressing cliched plots and perdurable stereotypes, stating that in order to ‘set pen to paper’ he had to ‘break the back of the story’.’
    • ‘The mind craves to make something perdurable out of something as tenuous as candlelight, something that becomes more and more itself through vicissitude.’
    • ‘It is an indictment of the hubris of our politically correct age that a film asserting this perdurable truth about mankind's affairs will strike many as offensive.’
    • ‘Yet in this respect he set a precedent as perdurable as his plays.’
    • ‘What is the connection between architecture, which is big and perdurable, and petty artifacts cutely arranged but utterly ephemeral?’
    enduring, long-lasting, long-lived, lifelong, abiding, continuing, remaining, long-term, surviving, persisting, permanent, deep-rooted, indelible, ingrained



/pərˈd(y)o͝orəb(ə)l/ /pərˈd(j)ʊrəb(ə)l/


Late Middle English via Old French from late Latin perdurabilis, from Latin perdurare ‘endure’.