Definition of perennate in English:



[with object]Botany
usually as adjective perennating
  • (of a plant or part of a plant) live through a number of years, usually with an annual quiescent period.

    ‘this marsh plant has perennating buds situated in the mud at the bottom of a pond’
    • ‘This is especially true for individuals growing in dense shade, where they seldom reach the reproductive phase before the above-ground parts die at the end of the flowering season, while the rhizome perennates.’
    • ‘The nitrogen from this source has been shown to be extensively reutilized in the synthesis of proteins in seeds and perennating organs.’
    • ‘The soil was maintained at 60% field capacity for 6-8 weeks, until plants produced 3-4 new stems from the perennating structure.’
    • ‘Fructan occurs in many economically important species, for example, in the vegetative tissues of the temperate forage grasses and cereals and in the perennating organs of chicory, artichoke, asparagus, dahlia, and the onion family.’
    • ‘Individuals of V. palmensis, like those of other Viola species, can be maintained in a population for a long time as a result of the perennating root system.’


Early 17th century from Latin perennat- ‘continued for many years’ (from the verb perennare) + -ate.