Definition of perfervid in English:



  • Intense and impassioned.

    ‘a perfervid gardener’
    • ‘He was a perfervid nationalist who was jailed for his beliefs.’
    • ‘He adopted one medium after another, fascinated at first by new formal possibilities and soon distracted into perfervid polemic.’
    • ‘He was vacillating, bombastic, insecure and perfervid by turns, but his poetry is as delicately complex as any.’
    • ‘It is, rather, a smothering of the soul or a gallows boast, perfervid and florid - an unwitting confession of peewee excesses, of niggling lavishnesses, and of misapprehensions of the phony for the real and the swinish for the good.’
    • ‘He always savoured the chance to quash interviewers with one of his favourite put-downs: ‘Please desist from your perfervid questioning.’’
    intense, impassioned, ardent, fervent, fervid, zealous, vehement, fiery, heated, feverish, emotional, heartfelt, eager, excited, animated, spirited, vigorous, strong, energetic, messianic, fanatical, frenzied, wild, fierce, consuming, violent, tumultuous, flaming, raging, burning, uncontrollable, ungovernable



/ˌpərˈfərvid/ /ˌpərˈfərvɪd/


Mid 19th century from modern Latin perfervidus, from Latin per- ‘utterly’ + fervidus ‘glowing hot, fiery’.