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  • A producer or seller of perfumes.

    ‘‘Musk was still commonly used in perfumes by top perfumers in Western Europe and Japan during the 1980s,’ he said.’
    • ‘He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers.’
    • ‘While the term ‘perfume’ usually refers to fragrances in general, in the more technical language of the perfumer, a perfume must contain over 15% of fragrance oils in alcohol.’
    • ‘Balance and contrast are to the perfumer what harmony and movement are to the composer.’
    • ‘One of the world's leading perfumers produced the exclusive fragrance, which he claims is like no other.’
    • ‘Indian perfumers known as the gundhis have their own manufacturing units for growing flowers.’
    • ‘The edicts of designers to their perfumers make for fabled anecdotes.’
    • ‘But today - on the anniversary of the Titanic's fatal voyage - the Edwardian perfumer would have been proud as his scents were finally unveiled to the world.’
    • ‘The table of contents is a bit complicated because each section has recipes for both the perfumer and the cook.’
    • ‘The secret of perfumery is clearly in the mix of ingredients and the skill of the perfumer.’
    • ‘A perfumer once told me that creating a fine perfume is fairly easy.’
    • ‘A number of French chefs, hairdressers, dress designers, and perfumers accompanied the wave of aristocrats and introduced French cuisine and fashion to America.’
    • ‘Perfumery is one of the earliest crafts, and the basic techniques of today's perfumers are essentially the same as those of their Egyptian predecessors 4000 years ago.’
    • ‘As the science of creating fragrances grows more high-tech, perfumers are both bottling and protecting the best of nature with these methods.’
    • ‘By contrast, those wishing to assert high status would frequent the bankers' tables or, aspiring to fashion, the perfumers ' stalls.’
    • ‘It's a natural scent no perfumer can reproduce.’



/pərˈfyo͞omər/ /pərˈfjumər/