Definition of perianal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌperēˈānəl/ /ˌpɛriˈeɪnəl/


  • Situated in or affecting the area around the anus.

    ‘perianal skin cancers’
    • ‘Cutaneous infection typically involves the perianal area with a migratory, serpiginous rash that can spread to the buttocks, groin, or trunk.’
    • ‘Interventional treatments should be reserved until perianal sepsis and inflammation are well controlled.’
    • ‘In both men and women, lesions may appear on the perianal area, thighs, or buttocks.’
    • ‘A rapid strep test or a culture of the perianal area may elucidate the diagnosis.’
    • ‘Topical application to the perianal skin is an alternative pharmacological approach.’