Definition of periapt in English:



  • An item worn as a charm or amulet.

    • ‘And do not let my wizard's robes and periapts deceive you!’
    • ‘His dreams were of wars vast and terrible, with great weapons and periapts of power.’
    • ‘I desire to see the One who could so blacken those men's souls, for I can conceive of no more apt intent than that which contrived to abduct my Queen and the periapt that articulates the Will and the Soul of my people.’
    • ‘Shouting strange words of power, and standing in his stirrups, he brought the ancient periapt to life, its eyes shining like twin suns.’
    • ‘Doubtless her killers or abductors have not yet mastered the periapt, or our land and yours would feel its effects.’
    juju, talisman, charm, amulet


Late 16th century from French périapte, from Greek periapton, from peri ‘around’ + haptein ‘fasten’.