Definition of periarticular in English:



  • Situated or occurring around a joint of the body.

    ‘Investigations for inflammatory disease were negative and a plain x-ray showed only periarticular osteopenia and a joint effusion (left).’
    • ‘When a patient complains of joint pain, the first step is to determine whether the source of the pain is the joint or a periarticular soft tissue structure such as a bursa or tendon.’
    • ‘The position and orientation of the joint, and the presence of degenerative changes and periarticular ossifications were reviewed.’
    • ‘Pain in degenerative bone and joint disease is usually said to be due to inflamed periarticular soft tissues.’
    • ‘Early on in the inflammatory process, only the periarticular portion of the bones are affected.’



/ˌperēärˈtikyələr/ /ˌpɛriɑrˈtɪkjələr/