Definition of periodize in English:


(British periodise)

Pronunciation /ˈpirēəˌdīz/ /ˈpɪriəˌdaɪz/

transitive verb

[with object]formal
  • Divide (a portion of time) into periods.

    ‘this illustrates the dangers of periodizing history and of ignoring the carry-over of medieval ideas’
    • ‘This was the hegemonic text in which Mill periodised Indian history into three periods - Hindu civilisation, Muslim civilisation and the British period.’
    • ‘His raising of the problem of periodizing the history of the discussion about the historical Jesus is important, and I hope the insight is deepened to the point where the periods are recognized for what they are: perspectival shifts.’
    • ‘This suggests that scholars need a new model for periodizing environmental history, one that emphasizes the 1950s and also focuses on European integration.’
    • ‘But if we accept that periodizing history requires drawing a distinction between continuity and change, then it has to be accepted that the process is necessarily a theoretical activity.’
    • ‘By explaining the way Japanese and Western scholars periodize Chinese history using tripartite classical, medieval, and modern frameworks, he places his history in a framework that makes it more accessible to Western readers.’