Definition of peripheral vision in English:

peripheral vision


  • Side vision; what is seen on the side by the eye when looking straight ahead.

    ‘The sunglasses themselves have a great range of vision up and down and pretty good peripheral vision.’
    • ‘She is legally blind in the affected eye, although she has some peripheral vision.’
    • ‘The issue then becomes what standard of vertical peripheral vision is required.’
    • ‘Also, your peripheral vision and your direct vision respond to flicker differently.’
    • ‘Doctors say they don't how long it will take before he recovers fully and he currently has no peripheral vision to his right side.’
    • ‘The side or peripheral vision is lost first and that is why visual loss goes undetected until is it quite advanced.’
    • ‘The disease causes a progressive loss of central vision but does not affect his peripheral vision.’
    • ‘The effect was to blot out the centre of my vision, leaving me with just peripheral vision around the edges.’
    • ‘Its purposes are only in sharp focus when they appear in your peripheral vision.’
    • ‘By invoking peripheral visions, we are advocating an epistemology that seeks out narratives generated from other points of view.’
    • ‘A large, scrawny black dog appeared in his peripheral vision; he heard the cooing of an owl.’
    • ‘He must have seen me in his peripheral vision because he spun to face me, backing up a few paces with hands held up in a gesture to ward me off.’
    • ‘There was a flash of something in his peripheral vision, and without thinking he turned towards there.’
    • ‘I've started seeing things, sort of like large vertical dark blurs in my peripheral vision.’
    • ‘In my peripheral vision I saw a light streak across a short distance of the sky - if it had been just a few feet away.’
    • ‘In my peripheral vision, I saw everyone in the café stand up out of their seats.’
    • ‘She crouched down a little, and kept the pole within her peripheral vision.’
    • ‘He started to notice things skirting just inside of his peripheral vision.’
    • ‘In my peripheral vision, I caught the ring of expectant eyes.’
    • ‘They may also examine your eyesight, your peripheral vision, and your ability to make tears.’