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  • The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

    ‘his forest garden is one of Britain's best models of permaculture’
    • ‘But we also do agriculture and organic farming, we teach permaculture.’
    • ‘This makes AT virtually identical in intent with other holistic approaches such as permaculture and ecological design.’
    • ‘But memories of vibrant villagers and the benefits of my practice with permaculture will persist long after my hands have healed.’
    • ‘In truth, permaculture has had only a marginal impact on mainstream society and on the lives of many of its followers.’
    • ‘In the school's garden are giant tufts of spinach, green peppers and cabbages planted according to eco-friendly and sustainable permaculture principles.’
    • ‘There are permaculture institutes, co-housing communities, recycled tyre and straw bale building, community gardens, and poetry readings.’
    • ‘I thought permaculture was about creating synergy between plants so that you develop a little benign ecosystem in your backyard.’
    • ‘Robin also believes that permaculture can be used to help with problems in traditional farming.’
    • ‘With permaculture you can turn any available area into a great food producing area or just grow herbs or flowers or perhaps a mixture of all three.’
    • ‘The project trains volunteers in permaculture gardening, and the clinic garden is thriving.’
    • ‘Last March members organised the first two-week permaculture course for sixteen intending residents and the general public.’
    • ‘She also co-teaches intensive seminars that combine permaculture design, political organising and activism, and earth-based spirituality.’
    • ‘Let's go over to your worm farm and your permaculture area.’
    • ‘Should organic or permaculture philosophies prevail?’
    • ‘To achieve their goals, proponents typically rely on permaculture design in planning the sites, looking to nature as a model.’
    • ‘A permaculture teacher and environmental horticulture consultant, he is also an avid seed saver.’
    • ‘The remaining open space on the site will be planted with vegetables, herbs and useful trees using permaculture techniques.’
    • ‘A permaculture project has been started and the brightly painted pub and dining area also serves as a community hall.’
    • ‘There's a little greenhouse, there's a permaculture area for planting, there's a space for a compost heap.’
    • ‘No worries - they're part of the permaculture here and deserve to be annotated in posterity.’



/ˈpərməˌkəlCHər/ /ˈpərməˌkəltʃər/


1970s blend of permanent and agriculture.