Definition of permalink in English:


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  • A permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog.

    ‘There's a really splendid cartoon in the Telegraph (no permalink available).’
    • ‘I'd link directly to the post but I can't find a permalink.’
    • ‘And by the way, here's the permalink to his journal entry with his answers.’
    • ‘Does every post have a permanent URL (or permalink)?’
    • ‘Interesting article here - I don't know if there's a permalink, so it may disappear off the page quickly.’
    • ‘If you clicked on the comments link or the permalink for the last post before last night you would have been taken to a non-existent page.’
    • ‘And note that I included a permalink so you can figure which one of the posts I'm referring to.’
    • ‘If the permalink doesn't work, then scroll down to Monday March 22.’
    • ‘Check the permalink for your most recent post if you have any hopes of other people linking to it.’
    • ‘You can go here for some further explanation; you will have to scroll down, as I couldn't get the permalink to work.’
    • ‘I've slightly modified the format of the permalinks.’
    • ‘I didn't like the way the permalinks looked; I wanted have the option of individual posts on separate pages - magazine style.’
    • ‘I streamlined the permalinks by putting each category of links into its own popup window.’
    • ‘Permalinks didn't function on our blog for a month or two.’
    • ‘One of several new features is the printer-friendly function right there next to the permalinks.’
    • ‘A side-effect seems to be that my permalinks now actually go where they are supposed to - amazing!’
    • ‘Blogs are discrete entities with a single, stable URL for the main page and permalinks for individual entries.’
    • ‘Permalinks are the equivalent of a citation, providing a semipermanent pointer to a piece of content.’
    • ‘Also, James has a post about this, though his permalinks don't work.’



/ˈpərməˌliNGk/ /ˈpərməˌlɪŋk/