Definition of perorate in English:


intransitive verb

[no object]
  • 1 formal Speak at length.

    ‘he reportedly would perorate against his colleague’
    • ‘He may or may not have perorated against alchemy and witchcraft… we kind of zoned out at the quotation mark.’
    • ‘He flew there, perorated on regional television and at work collectives, and forced the authorities to back down.’
    make a speech, give an address, give a talk, give a lecture, make an oration, deliver a sermon, give a sermon
    1. 1.1 archaic Sum up and conclude a speech.
      • ‘the following innocent conclusion with which she perorates’
      speak at length, talk at length, speak, talk, go on, sound off



/ˈperəˌrāt/ /ˈpɛrəˌreɪt/


Early 17th century from Latin perorat- ‘spoken at length’, from the verb perorare, from per- ‘through’ + orare ‘speak’.