Definition of peroxisomal in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌräksiˈsōməl/



See peroxisome

‘Catalase, a well-known peroxisomal marker enzyme, was also included in this work.’
  • ‘This family includes receptors for steroid hormones, thyroid hormones, hormonal forms of vitamin A and D, and peroxisomal activators.’
  • ‘The other two proteins identified, Fox2 and Ams1, are peroxisomal and vacuolar enzymes, respectively.’
  • ‘The peroxisomal enzymes of the glycolate pathway are distributed in both cell types, but unevenly.’
  • ‘However, it has been noticed that some of these chemicals, including amitrole, can also inhibit the activity of the peroxisomal catalase.’