Definition of perpetual check in English:

perpetual check


  • The situation of play when a draw is obtained by repeated checking of the king.

    ‘he clinched the title by forcing a draw by perpetual check’
    • ‘In this case, the move cripples White's queenside pawn structure and creates an important drawing scheme for Black: perpetual check.’
    • ‘White forced perpetual check a few moves later.’
    • ‘Black can prolong the game by checking white's king, but there seems to be no hope of drawing by perpetual check.’
    • ‘Find a game where perpetual check can be forced from the third move.’
    • ‘The winning process is more difficult and the probability of a perpetual check is higher.’


perpetual check

/pərˈpeCH(əw)əl CHek/ /pərˈpɛtʃ(əw)əl tʃɛk/