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nounplural noun perries

  • An alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of pears.

    ‘There are also certain drinks, such as mead, cider, and perry, which depend on sugar fermentations for their alcohol content.’
    • ‘The event also offered cider, perry, imported beers and Lurgashall country wines.’
    • ‘The Anglo-Saxon word beor referred to a sweet, strong drink, not made from cereals, and probably a fruit wine/cider/perry.’
    • ‘There's a long fine tradition of people appreciating the finer points of real ale so hopefully the same will be true of perry and cider.’
    • ‘At least 20 real ales, plus several makes of cider and perry, will be on sale.’
    • ‘He put raisins first of all foods, and then came apples and pears and their juices in the form of sweet cider and sweet perry.’
    • ‘The cheese is bathed in perry, a cider made from the variety of pear with the same name.’
    • ‘More than 50 real ales, a range of ciders, perries, bottled beers and some fruit wines will be on sale.’
    • ‘Hundreds of beer, cider and perry lovers descended on this year's festival.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It will certainly help to promote the quality of cider and perry being made in the three counties and grow our membership.’’
    • ‘Food is available along with real ales, foreign beers, ciders and perries.’
    • ‘With over 450 ales on show, not to mention the numerous ciders, perries and overseas beers, there was a fair bit of choice.’
    • ‘With a market share in the domestic cider and perry market estimated by the company at 89 per cent, the scope for market share improvement is limited.’
    • ‘A member of the bar staff would provide a rival brand of perry.’
    • ‘There are usually chips and other appropriately beer-absorbent foodstuffs on offer, along with around a hundred beers, plus ciders and perries.’
    • ‘More than 45 cooled beers and a dozen ciders and perries are planned for the Surrey Comet-sponsored event on Friday and Saturday.’
    • ‘Around 20 ciders and perries are available to sample and enjoy.’
    • ‘Some 12 different sorts of ciders and perries will be on sale.’
    • ‘Also available will be 12 different types of ciders and perries.’
    • ‘About 12 different beers and perries were also available.’



/ˈperē/ /ˈpɛri/


Middle English from Old French pere, from an alteration of Latin pirum ‘pear’.