Definition of persistent organic pollutant in English:

persistent organic pollutant


  • A hazardous organic chemical compound that is resistant to biodegradation and thus remains in the environment for a long time.

    ‘What the bill actually does is prohibit the import, manufacture, or use of persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, being top of the food chain, many have high concentrations of persistent organic pollutants in their bodies.’
    • ‘Clearly, they include the actual definition of a persistent organic pollutant, in clause 4.’
    • ‘The UN ban on persistent organic pollutants is about to be enforced.’
    • ‘I do not see how that can possibly allow small-scale research on persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘It will allow New Zealand to ratify the Stockholm convention addressing the global problems of persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘It is interesting to look at schedule 2A, which identifies the 10 currently listed persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘The Stockholm convention, on the other hand, focuses on persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘Persistent organic pollutants could almost mean a whole range of things that are daily, household things.’
    • ‘Better regulation of chemicals - hormone disrupting chemicals (gender benders) should be phased out as should bioaccumulative ones and persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘The Act applies if the use creates or involves a persistent organic pollutant.’
    • ‘It says it has changed the rules about the disposal of persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘Why they are not incorporated, along with polychlorinated biphenyls and persistent organic pollutants, is mystifying to me.’
    • ‘While there could be valid reasons for banning many of the persistent organic pollutants, there are very compelling reasons for not banning DDT.’
    • ‘Thawing permafrost soils are threatening human structures and persistent organic pollutants are accumulating in Arctic food webs, including people.’
    • ‘I think it is worth the Minister taking a call to point out how the law would work to enable small-scale research on persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘This week delegates at a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) conference may vote to ban DDT and 11 other persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘That means that the exemption that is normally provided for small-scale research under section 33 must not create or involve a persistent organic pollutant.’
    • ‘That committee wants to allow for directions to be given as to the disposal of persistent organic pollutants.’
    • ‘The National Council of Women also believes that it is important, through clause 8, that research into persistent organic pollutants is continued.’