Definition of persistently in English:


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  • In a persistent manner; continuously.

    ‘the rules are persistently flouted’
    • ‘prices have remained persistently high’
    • ‘The 20th century, with its general contempt for the 'well-made' work, persistently misunderstood him.’
    • ‘They say they appreciate having a dry place to work during persistently rainy periods.’
    • ‘Everyone at the table questions him persistently about his departure.’
    • ‘He describes how the chains have persistently tried to kill off his profession, leading to declining projection quality in first-run theatres.’
    • ‘A persistently low current ratio indicates a major cash flow problem.’
    • ‘This realism remains inseparable from humanism, from a persistently innocent representation.’
    • ‘Wharton held a persistently elitist view that some categories of people were in fact superior to others.’
    • ‘Having persistently higher cash prices than one's neighbors did not significantly impact profitability.’
    • ‘He proves his worthiness when he courts her silently and persistently.’
    • ‘Negotiating with them proved to be persistently frustrating for the English.’



/pərˈsist(ə)ntlē/ /pərˈsɪst(ə)ntli/