Definition of personal column in English:

personal column


  • A section of a newspaper devoted to personal advertisements.

    • ‘The personal columns of magazines and newspapers are full of advertisements for counsellors.’
    • ‘Social and personal columns in the newspapers will definitely be worth watching closely for good value holidays in top quality hotels.’
    • ‘Through cartoons, poetry, picture stories, and personal columns, newspapers were able to enliven their output and often touch obliquely on sensitive issues.’
    • ‘The disappearances seem to be related to ads appearing in the personal column of the newspaper.’
    • ‘If you look at the personal columns, you'll often see people admitting that they're ugly or not bright or fat - no-one will ever admit to having no sense of humour.’
    • ‘Then it suddenly became more personal than personal columns are perhaps meant to be.’
    • ‘Equally irksome, however, is the trend for outpourings of cloying sentimentality that deface the personal columns at this time of year.’
    • ‘Then there's the entirely different alternate existence in the classified and personal columns.’
    • ‘Can't you wait a few weeks and do it in the personal columns?’
    • ‘I was searching through the personal column of The Times for an opportunity to travel abroad which wouldn't cost me.’
    • ‘I'm sure you've seen ads in the personal column and wondered if anyone is ever successful with them.’
    • ‘They're like an interactive personal column, and that's what they're good at.’
    • ‘Even so, many editorials soon took on the flavor of personal columns, and that's how letter writers addressed them.’


personal column