Definition of personal watercraft in English:

personal watercraft


another term for jet ski
  • ‘Most injuries appear to occur when personal watercrafts collide with other vessels or with fixed objects such as docks or tree stumps.’
  • ‘The second most frequently used boat in these types of incidents was a personal watercraft.’
  • ‘He was being towed behind a personal watercraft.’
  • ‘Coincidence or not, the personal watercraft industry has since advocated safety education for owners and rental operators.’
  • ‘By now, he had too many vehicles for his three-car garage, and also had three snowmobiles and a personal watercraft.’
  • ‘Also on the plus side, injuries from accidents on personal watercraft dropped for the eighth year in a row.’
  • ‘People who launch their boats and personal watercraft only once a year choose this time.’
  • ‘Recently, New York police broke up a gang that was stealing personal watercraft, putting them in shipping containers and sending them to the Caribbean.’
  • ‘It turns out that personal watercraft, which are registered as boats, were counted twice, and this is what was reported to the Coast Guard.’
  • ‘The fatality rate for canoes and kayaks is almost twice that of those on personal watercraft and almost four times higher than open motor boats.’
  • ‘Dozens of marinas rent what you need to get on the water, from speedboats to personal watercraft.’
  • ‘As for personal watercraft, 83% said PWC operators should be restricted in certain areas.’
  • ‘More fatalities occurred on canoes and kayaks than on personal watercraft, but the highest number occurred on open motorboats.’
  • ‘Powerboat and personal watercraft traffic can be heavy at times, and it's best to stay toward the left and out of the middle of the river for most of the trip.’
  • ‘Of those who reported falling overboard, they were mainly riders of personal watercraft and canoeists and kayakers.’
  • ‘The next highest categories were personal watercraft, cabin cruisers, canoes, rowboats and kayaks.’
  • ‘No boats were venturing outside the harbor entrance at this point - with the exception of personal watercraft.’
  • ‘What about personal watercraft, which both add to air and noise pollution and are under fire for the harm they can do the shoreline?’
  • ‘But ATVs, personal watercraft and other sports products seem to carry more warnings.’
  • ‘When these laws were written, personal watercraft were not even created.’