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personality cult

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  • Excessive public admiration for or devotion to a famous person, especially a political leader.

    ‘But in spite of its collectivist ideology the system rested on a charismatic leader and a personality cult around him.’
    • ‘But by opposing the myth of the objective reporter, don't you risk falling into the trap of your onscreen persona and the personality cult that grows up around it?’
    • ‘In addition, he encouraged his own personality cult among his people, acquiring the status of a semi-god over the decades.’
    • ‘On the contrary, he was ‘sincerely adored,’ she insisted, because of an all-pervasive personality cult.’
    • ‘And as he became the imperious head of a personality cult, he preached total freedom but demanded total fealty.’
    • ‘It has recently been experimenting with free market economy and apparently even started reducing its personality cult.’
    • ‘Like all despots, he has built up a massive personality cult around himself.’
    • ‘The personality cult of the Prime Minister grows bolder with each passing month.’
    • ‘His personality cult has elements of animism, Confucianism and Christianity.’
    • ‘At least domestically, he would have to keep the personality cult.’
    • ‘We don't know exactly what form a new structure will take, but I am determined not to have a personality cult.’
    • ‘Having forced the main opposition activists out of the country, he has developed a personality cult unrivalled in Central Asia.’
    • ‘Mercifully, the tyrannical personality cult has been vanquished and one man's maniacal hold on the populace is over.’
    • ‘As President he suppressed all opposition, built up the army and its weaponry, and made himself the object of an extensive personality cult.’
    • ‘A huge personality cult surrounded her after her early death.’
    • ‘In Washington, that would undoubtedly have been seized on as evidence of a calculated personality cult.’
    • ‘His attempts to create even a modest personality cult failed.’
    • ‘They are more worried about their interests and privileges and lying under the adverse influence of personality cult.’
    • ‘We are being persuaded to select one personality cult over another.’
    • ‘This has been achieved without the kind of personality cult that surrounds her husband and his family.’


personality cult

/ˌpərsnˈalədē kəlt/ /ˌpərsnˈælədi kəlt/