Definition of personhood in English:



  • The quality or condition of being an individual person.

    ‘the documentary attempts to get behind the icon, to a sense of her personhood’
    • ‘Historically, Kant is the most noted defender of personhood as the quality that makes a being valuable and thus morally considerable.’
    • ‘Clothing signals humanity and incites conceptions of dignity, personhood, and bodily integrity.’
    • ‘It is central to the notion of personhood and community and is not something from which an individual can easily withdraw.’
    • ‘Such symptoms rob individuals of their dignity, autonomy, and personhood.’
    • ‘Even minimal awareness would support some criterion of personhood, but I don't think complete absence of awareness does.’
    • ‘From that point on, through the rebuttal and cross-examination, the debate became mainly an argument over the notion of personhood.’
    • ‘Nor is personhood determined by size or development.’
    • ‘Underneath this view is a deeper view of personhood.’
    • ‘Certain images, differing somewhat in form and purpose by ethnic group, stand for various aspects of personhood.’
    • ‘Most bioethicists would agree that the primary issues revolve around matters of dignity and personhood.’
    • ‘It's simple: some people have some very strange ideas about personhood and personal identity.’
    • ‘This discussion strikes to the very core of a theology of personhood.’
    • ‘The abuse destroyed my sense of personhood and what little there was of a sense of masculinity.’
    • ‘Over and above every other characteristic, trust is essential to personhood.’
    • ‘One reason it is important not to equate personality with personhood is so that the former properties can flourish without fear that the latter title will be revoked.’
    • ‘As we consider the meaning of this type of suffering and how it relates to personhood, we should not neglect the spiritual dimensions of this disease.’
    • ‘Goods now not only reflected status, but revealed personhood.’
    • ‘While it certainly won't forestall all attacks on my personhood, perhaps some will be defused.’
    • ‘Our very social existence depends on the recognition of our personhood and our ability to be recognized and understood by others.’
    • ‘These incentives are created by global rules that protect rights of property and contract but not rights of personhood and labor.’



/ˈpərsənˌ(h)o͝od/ /ˈpərsənˌ(h)ʊd/