Definition of perspectivism in English:



mass noun
  • 1Philosophy
    The theory that knowledge of a subject is inevitably partial and limited by the individual perspective from which it is viewed.

    • ‘By juxtaposing Popper against Nietzsche, I would outline an abductive system which connects individual perspectivism with scientific reality (however naive the prospect).’
    • ‘In Nietzsche's perspectivism, two basic notions come together.’
    • ‘What is resisted in both Nietzsche's embodied/embedded perspectivism and his elitism is universalism.’
    • ‘So there is a kind of perspectivism that's built into the Elizabethan intellectual culture.’
    • ‘The rhetorical solution lies in what Burke, following Nietzsche, called perspectivism.’
  • 2The practice of regarding and analysing a situation or work of art from different points of view.

    ‘the emotional perspectivism of novels’
    • ‘If one tried to press his perspectivism harder than that, it would seem very dubious.’
    • ‘Such perspectivism is not to be mistaken for relativism, however.’
    • ‘To do so requires a width and breadth of perspective on the human condition that are at the furthest possible distance from the perspectivism and narcissism of so much contemporary historiography.’