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pet name

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  • A name that is used instead of someone's usual first name to express fondness or familiarity.

    ‘And ‘Pinky’ is a name (more of a pet name, really) that both men and women choose or are given.’
    • ‘‘Hey there, Munchausen,’ he said quietly, calling her by an old pet name.’
    • ‘Johnny calls Francie ‘prima donna’ as a little pet name.’
    • ‘I looked up at him, I smiled… Tess is my pet name he made for me.’
    • ‘Arthur sighed, wishing his mom would stop using his pet name.’
    affectionate name, term of endearment, endearment, nickname, diminutive
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pet name

/ˈpet ˌnām/ /ˈpɛt ˌneɪm/