Definition of petechial in English:


Pronunciation /-kēəl/



See petechia

‘In the third of these 3 patients, an adult who died with a petechial rash and underlying diabetes, clostridial meningitis was diagnosed.’
  • ‘Rashes can be categorized as maculopapular (centrally and peripherally distributed), petechial, diffusely erythematous with desquamation, vesiculobullous-pustular and nodular.’
  • ‘Severe respiratory illness, petechial hemorrhages of the skin and bowel, anemia, and leukopenia justified the name ‘alimentary toxic aleukia.’’
  • ‘The conjunctiva appears injected and edematous, often with petechial hemorrhages.’
  • ‘Autopsies of patients who died of dengue haemorrhagic fever show diffuse petechial haemorrhages in most organs and serous effusions of pericardial, peritoneal, and pleural spaces.’