Definición de Peter Pan collar en Inglés

Peter Pan collar

Pronunciación /ˈpēdər pan ˈkälər/ /ˈpidər pæn ˈkɑlər/


  • A flat collar with rounded ends that meet at the front.

    ‘He was already speechless when he saw her wearing the classic wool coat with Peter Pan collar, flat pockets and side tabs and her purple washed jeans.’
    • ‘The sweetness of Peter Pan collars are tempered by the innate grown-up sensuality of the designs.’
    • ‘Slipping on a wine colored cardigan, she flattened out the Peter Pan collar.’
    • ‘I remember my excitement when, at age ten, I came into possession of my first ever ‘store bought dress’ - it was green, with a Peter Pan collar and short, puckered sleeves.’