Definition of petiolate in English:




See petiole

‘Perennial scapose herbs with simple stems from short, stocky, horizontal rhizomes bearing a whorl of 3 net-veined, green or mottled, ovate-obovate or elliptical bracts, petiolate or sessile, flower solitary.’
  • ‘The basal stems can be confused with those of L. mucronata, but that species has branched basal stems that are prostrate and petiolate basal leaves.’
  • ‘Several other plants had flowers borne on pedicels about three cm. long and petiolate bracts, the bracts being about as long as the pedicels.’
  • ‘Lechea mucronata might sometimes be confused with L. minor, which also has petiolate leaves and keeled sepals.’



/ˌpedēˈōlət/ /ˌpɛdiˈoʊlət/ /ˈpedēəˌlāt/ /ˈpɛdiəˌleɪt/