Definition of petit four in English:

petit four

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nounplural noun petits fours/ˈpetē ˈfôrz/ , plural noun petit fours/ˈpetē ˈfôrz/

  • A very small fancy cake, cookie, or confection, typically made with marzipan and traditionally served after a meal.

    ‘It can also be baked lightly to make small biscuits and petits fours, akin to macaroons.’
    • ‘The desserts are fabulous and with coffee and petits fours the bill came to £70 (inc G&Ts, a bottle of Chénas and a port).’
    • ‘And mignardises were exactly what I had in mind when I bought my new Flexipan molds, the one for little tartlets and the one for hemispherical petits fours.’
    • ‘As a tea-time treat, we had some petits fours that I bought at the French cake shop the other day.’
    • ‘Inexplicably no one brought petits fours with our coffee, although they appeared together with coffee on the itemized bill.’


petit four

/ˌpedē ˈfôr/ /ˌpɛdi ˈfɔr/


French, literally ‘little oven’.