Definition of petrographer in English:



See petrography

‘But there are some questions that even the best petrographer cannot answer, such as whether a chemical admixture was used in the mix and, if so, how much, what type of Portland cement was used, or what the water/cement ratio was.’
  • ‘If the petrographer can document that such changes occurred during the laboratory examination, that may provide useful information on the concrete's condition.’
  • ‘If you want to unravel the mystery of why your nonstructural concrete cracked, your best option is to consult your competent, friendly petrographer.’
  • ‘Bill is a concrete chemist; Bernie is a concrete petrographer - each is a materials and concrete technologist.’
  • ‘A petrographer could examine a sample of the stained concrete and tell you whether the aggregate is likely to be the source of staining.’



/pəˈträɡrəfər/ /pəˈtrɑɡrəfər/