Definition of pewterer in English:



See pewter

  • ‘Sending pewter to a trained engraver had been banned by the English pewterers ' guild as early as 1588 but continued to be allowed by continental guilds.’
  • ‘For economic and technical reasons, the alloys used by coppersmiths, brassfounders, braziers, blacksmiths and pewterers have varied over time, and a knowledge of the alloys can provide definitive answers.’
  • ‘Unlike more densely settled areas to the north, Virginia supported few pewterers, so the pewter plates and vessels most Virginians ate and drank from were shipped there from English ports.’
  • ‘The Museum owns an almost identical dish by the early 17 th-century Nuremberg pewterer, Caspar Enderlein, who replaced Briot's signature with his own.’
  • ‘The First Church of Deerfield retains two large plates, or chargers, marked by the London pewterer Samuel Ellis I.’