Definition of Peyronie's disease in English:

Peyronie's disease


mass noun
  • A condition in which a fibrous region forms in the erectile tissue of the penis, causing pain and curvature during erection.

    • ‘Fractures are possible when erect, and it's possible that abuse could lead to the scar tissue that causes Peyronie's disease, a painful condition marked by severe curvature of the penis.’
    • ‘Peyronie's disease occurs when fibrous tissue forms on one side of the penis.’
    • ‘Pain that occurs while obtaining an erection may be associated with inflammation of the foreskin, trauma to the penis, infections, genital allergies, or Peyronie's disease.’
    • ‘Histologically, Peyronie's disease causes inflammation that results in collagen deposition and the formation of fibrous plaques.’
    • ‘Surgery is only considered if you've had Peyronie's disease for a year or more and it hasn't progressed for at least three months.’


Early 20th century named after F. de la Peyronie (1678–1747), French physician.


Peyronie's disease