Definition of Phaeophyceae in English:


plural noun

  • A class of lower plants that comprises the brown algae.

    Class Phaeophyceae, division Heterokontophyta (or phylum Heterokonta, kingdom Protista); formerly division Phaeophyta

    • ‘For marine plants, the argument would be different if we accepted the limited overnight acid accumulation in the Phaeophyceae as CAM, in view of the large biomass production of kelp.’
    • ‘Phaeophyceae, or giant kelp, is a brown algae that is generally found in a costal, temperate, marine environment.’
    • ‘There have been known several methods for preparing alginic acid or its alkali salts from the Phaeophyceae.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek phaios ‘dusky’ + phukos ‘seaweed’.