Definition of phagocytic in English:




See phagocyte

  • ‘Neutrophils and monocytes are the most phagocytic of the white blood cells; they ingest foreign particles, bacteria, and degenerating cells and cell fragments whether or not they can digest them.’
  • ‘Products of complement activation cause smooth muscle contraction and increased vascular permeability and induce degranulation of phagocytic cells, mast cells, and basophils.’
  • ‘Finally, we determined whether PPAR [gamma] activation increased CD36 expression by human AMs, and consequently augmented their phagocytic capacity for apoptotic neutrophils.’
  • ‘We hypothesized that AMs may be the primary cells responding to CpG motifs, because they are situated at the first-line defense in the lower respiratory tract with potent phagocytic capacity.’
  • ‘Neupogen can enhance the phagocytic activities of neutrophilic leukocytes; including activity directed at autologous platelets.’