Definition of phalanstery in English:



  • A group of people living together in a community and holding property in common.

    • ‘For them, architecture, not symbolic clothing, was central to planning the ideal community, which they called the ‘phalanstery’ (an amalgam of ‘phalanx’ and ‘monastery’).’
    • ‘The central part of the Palace or Phalanstery ought to be appropriated to peaceful uses, and contain the dining-halls, halls for finance, libraries, study, etc.’
    • ‘Fourier believed a radically egalitarian society could be organized into a confederation of communes or phalansteries.’


Mid 19th century from French phalanstère (used by Charles Fourier in his socialist scheme for the reorganization of society), blend of Latin phalanx ‘band (of soldiers), group’ and French monastère ‘monastery’.