Definition of phallocentrism in English:



See phallocentric

  • ‘Perhaps the extreme phallocentrism and misogyny expressed to varying degrees by Kid Rock and Eminem is anxiety about masculinity in a time and place where the old ways - steady industrial employment and family - no longer maintain.’
  • ‘Julia Kristeva writes about opposing phallocentrism with images derived from women's corporeal experiences.’
  • ‘In such a world, suggests Maddin, avarice, phallocentrism, corporatism and narcissism are dominating the world and deforming it utterly.’
  • ‘His courageous polemic against the tenacity of phallocentrism in Western art shines out, to quote Portia, ‘like a good deed in a naughty world.’’
  • ‘Symptomatic of the narrative's phallocentrism is the fact that only the male protagonist comes to possess a larger understanding of the family's oppression.’