Definition of pharmacodynamic in English:


Pronunciation /-mik/


See pharmacodynamics

‘Despite the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic differences among various beta blockers, they have similar clinical antihypertensive efficacy.’
  • ‘Also, bronchodilators may demonstrate different pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic characteristics during an acute exacerbation of asthma.’
  • ‘Although four case reports have suggested a possible pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic drug interaction between cyclosporine and ciprofloxacin, many pharmacokinetic studies have refuted this suspicion.’
  • ‘Most pharmacy schools indicated good coverage of the pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic changes in the elderly, polypharmacy, and the incidence and prevalence of disease in the elderly.’
  • ‘Pharmacologic agents with known pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties and demonstrated efficacy in neonates should be used.’