Definition of pharmacokinetics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body.

    ‘Methadone's unique pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics make it a valuable option in the management of cancer pain and other chronic pain, including neuropathic pain states.’
    • ‘For those who teach basic principles of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology or pharmacokinetics this book provides a valuable resource for examples and mechanisms of drug-drug interactions.’
    • ‘As oral cephalosporins have poor pharmacokinetics it would seem that amoxicillin or amoxicillin-clavulanate should usually be the first choice for therapy.’
    • ‘Because of the large inter-individual variability in indomethacin pharmacokinetic in neonates, it is to be established to what degree the patient characteristics influence the pharmacokinetics of drugs.’
    • ‘Genetics influence drug efficacy and pharmacokinetics in individuals through variability uptake and metabolism of medications.’



/ˌfärməkōkəˈnediks/ /ˌfɑrməkoʊkəˈnɛdɪks/