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  • The branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs.

    ‘The main thrust of the book is to describe the toxicology and pharmacology of herbal products.’
    • ‘The harm to benefit ratio varies according to the condition being treated, the drug's pharmacology, and the availability and safety of other therapeutic options.’
    • ‘Most ADRs were predictable from the known pharmacology of the drugs and many represented known interactions and are therefore likely to be preventable.’
    • ‘Buprenorphine's unique effects and pharmacology make it an attractive and clinically helpful treatment option.’
    • ‘The pharmacology of phenytoin is complex but well understood.’
    • ‘Mice and humans share much anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology, but there are some major differences.’
    • ‘There, at a time when new drugs were bursting on to the scene, he set up the country's first division of clinical pharmacology to bring good science to drug appraisal.’
    • ‘The epidemiology, clinical presentation, and pharmacology of fatal and non-fatal heroin overdoses have recently been reviewed.’
    • ‘The objectives of this study were to assess the molecular pharmacology of benzamide riboside as an anti-leukemic agent.’
    • ‘Barnes has described the appropriate pharmacology of tiotropium for the treatment of COPD.’
    • ‘It is important that lessons are learnt from these cases and that they are used to improve our understanding of vector biology and pharmacology.’
    • ‘The marmoset is also an important model for research into infectious disease and pharmacology.’
    • ‘During the meetings, the rationale behind monitoring level of sedation and the pharmacology of the drugs used were discussed.’
    • ‘The key point about nicotine gum pharmacology is that the absorption takes place buccally.’
    • ‘The concept of ethnic group differences in pharmacokinetic responses is far from new in the clinical pharmacology literature.’
    • ‘Thus, ginseng has potential to serve as a cognition-enhancing herbal medicine, based on its pharmacology and animal studies.’
    • ‘Identification of this inducible isoform of Cox created a new focus of interest in prostaglandin biochemistry, pharmacology and therapeutics.’
    • ‘We are not aware of any studies in the literature on the integration of psychotherapy and pharmacology for children with epilepsy.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most serious post-1970 challenge to psychotherapy came from pharmacology.’
    • ‘Surgery or pharmacology may make it possible to develop muscles to any level one desires without the discipline of workouts.’



/ˌfärməˈkäləjē/ /ˌfɑrməˈkɑlədʒi/


Early 18th century from modern Latin pharmacologia, from Greek pharmakon ‘drug’.